Palm Trees

One of my favorite things about Las Vegas is the palm trees. There is something exotic about them; with a little imagination, I am transported to a Caribbean beach, enjoying a good book in the sun. When I open my eyes, I am certainly not on a beach, but the palm trees remain, and they make me feel great.


I have two palm trees in my back yard, and I love it. They can get a little messy right before I get them pruned, but for the most part, they add a spark of personality to my landscape. With the exception of yearly trimming, they are very low maintenance, and if you call a Las Vegas landscaping company, they can help you find one and plant it for you. I do have a sprinkler system, but it just has some drip lines. The drip lines get the palm trees all the water they need; I have yet to have a problem.


There are a few different types of palm trees to choose from, and if you pay attention as you drive through the city, you will notice them: Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia Robusta), California Fan Palm (Washingtonia Filifera), Canary Date Palms (Phoenix Canariensis) and Date Palms (Phoenix Dactylifera).

Combatting Kitchen Odors

One of my least favorite things is to pull into my garage and get out of my car only to smell the trash that is in the trash can in the corner, waiting to be emptied on trash day—tomorrow. The only thing that tops that is walking through my laundry room, into my kitchen, and smelling something similar (although to much smaller degree). Here are some tips for keeping your kitchen smelling fresh:


-Do not let dirty dishes pile up in your sink. Either wash them by hand, or rinse them off and put them in your dishwasher. This is a daily task!


-Empty your trash regularly!


-When you put a new bag into your trash can, sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda in the bottom of the bag—it will help to absorb and counteract odors as the bag fills.


-Run your garbage disposal—don’t let things sit in there, rotting. If your garbage disposal stops working, or if your sink backs up, call a Las Vegas air conditioning company (they also handle plumbing issues!) right away. Don’t wait, or the issue will become a smelly one, fast.


-Every time you eat an orange, lemon or grapefruit, run the rind through the disposal—it will leave your kitchen smelling subtly of citrus.


When I bought my first vacuum, it felt like a rite of passage. It meant that I was an adult and was taking responsibility for the cleanliness of my very own home. While I took pride in the fact that I was buying a vacuum, it was far from an easy decision. Do you know how many different types of vacuums there are? I didn’t! And I’m not talking about brands, I am talking about types. There are canister vacuums, upright vacuums, handheld vacuums, robotic vacuums, stick vacuums and central vacuums. I ended up getting a canister vacuum and loved it. It was easy to empty and was not especially expensive—it was the perfect choice for my first home. Now, a few residences later and having bought a home, I have a robotic vacuum, and love it even more. It really helps me take care of my carpets between service by an Orlando rug cleaning company.

I love that I can start it running and go do something else, and come back to a clean room. While it is a little loud (what vacuum cleaner is not?), it just becomes part of the background noise, and you can go take a shower, make dinner, play with your kids, or even just watch a movie. I always pick a room for it to vacuum every day when I go to work. I don’t have a large number of rooms in my house that need vacuumed, so in the course of a week, my whole house gets vacuumed at least once.

It’s Time to Call in the Professionals

There are some things that need around the house that you can do yourself—but why would you? Washing windows is the one thing that I always hire a Las Vegas window cleaning company to do for me. Here’s why:


  1. They wash the screens, too, and if I am the one cleaning my windows, I take care of the glass and that’s it. Removing, washing and drying the screens is too tedious.


  1. If there are dead bugs in the windowsill (which there always are), they will remove them. I have trouble killing bugs without a spray that I can use from a distance, let alone picking them up once dead. And the ones that get trapped between the glass and the screens I probably don’t even realize are there until it’s time to clean.


  1. If there is a problem with the window (any aspect of it), the window cleaner brings it to my attention.


  1. No streaks or spots! I just can’t get the same quality clean when I do it myself.


So, does it cost a little money? Yeah. Is it worth it? For me, the answer is most definitely. So, before you grab your squeegee this next time around, consider putting in a call to a Las Vegas window cleaning company.

Water, Water, Water

I hear radio spots at least once a week about how well Nevada conserves water. In the spot, the narrator mentions 3-4 other states, all with large populations, and states how much the average water bill is. The average in Nevada is less than half that, and the reason they site is how well Nevada conserves water. One way that Nevada does this is through a mandatory watering schedule. Fortunately for Nevada residents, there are many choices for landscaping that do not require substantial amounts of water to flourish. Personally, I moved to Las Vegas from places that are lush and green, and so I did not have any experience with desert vegetation when I first moved here. That is okay, though. A simple conversation with a Las Vegas landscaping company will get you well on your way.

So, what is the watering schedule in Nevada? It depends on the time of year. We are currently in the winter watering schedule, but there is also a spring/fall watering schedule and a summer watering schedule. The winter watering schedule permits everyone to water once a week. Everyone is assigned to one of six watering groups, and each watering group has a day assigned to them for watering. No one is assigned to Sunday. The winter watering schedule is in place November through February. From March through April, the spring watering schedule is in place, and assigns each group three days a week that they can water. From May through August, the summer watering schedule is in place and Nevada residents are permitted to water any day of the week. There are no restrictions. From September through October, the fall watering schedule is in place, and assigns each group three days a week that they can water. The fall watering schedule is identical to the spring watering schedule.

Sometimes, it is difficult to get your sprinkler system lined up with the watering schedule. When I moved into my house, there was an existing sprinkler system, but no instruction manual. I had no idea how to set it. Do not get me wrong, I certainly tried. But what I thought made sense, based on the controls, resulted in no response from the sprinkler system. Fortunately, a call to a landscaping company in Las Vegas, and a short visit later, resulted in a working sprinkler system, with an automatic watering schedule. Now, I don’t need to worry about whether I am complying with the watering schedule; my sprinkler system takes care of that for me.