Water, Water, Water

I hear radio spots at least once a week about how well Nevada conserves water. In the spot, the narrator mentions 3-4 other states, all with large populations, and states how much the average water bill is. The average in Nevada is less than half that, and the reason they site is how well Nevada conserves water. One way that Nevada does this is through a mandatory watering schedule. Fortunately for Nevada residents, there are many choices for landscaping that do not require substantial amounts of water to flourish. Personally, I moved to Las Vegas from places that are lush and green, and so I did not have any experience with desert vegetation when I first moved here. That is okay, though. A simple conversation with a Las Vegas landscaping company will get you well on your way.

So, what is the watering schedule in Nevada? It depends on the time of year. We are currently in the winter watering schedule, but there is also a spring/fall watering schedule and a summer watering schedule. The winter watering schedule permits everyone to water once a week. Everyone is assigned to one of six watering groups, and each watering group has a day assigned to them for watering. No one is assigned to Sunday. The winter watering schedule is in place November through February. From March through April, the spring watering schedule is in place, and assigns each group three days a week that they can water. From May through August, the summer watering schedule is in place and Nevada residents are permitted to water any day of the week. There are no restrictions. From September through October, the fall watering schedule is in place, and assigns each group three days a week that they can water. The fall watering schedule is identical to the spring watering schedule.

Sometimes, it is difficult to get your sprinkler system lined up with the watering schedule. When I moved into my house, there was an existing sprinkler system, but no instruction manual. I had no idea how to set it. Do not get me wrong, I certainly tried. But what I thought made sense, based on the controls, resulted in no response from the sprinkler system. Fortunately, a call to a landscaping company in Las Vegas, and a short visit later, resulted in a working sprinkler system, with an automatic watering schedule. Now, I don’t need to worry about whether I am complying with the watering schedule; my sprinkler system takes care of that for me.